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Welcome to Documents Arena Agency

We have been outstanding since our creation in the year 2010 in providing services to our clients such as Passport, Visa of all type ( that is Touristic visa, study visa and working visa), Resident permit which is sometime a hindrant to must emigrant especially in EU countries.

We assists in all aspect of documents our clients need in order to travel and work or study in another country. We also provide driving training and we are well recognised by government official who has accepted to issued driving license to accredit our clients after their training session is over.

We also deal with products like fake money which has a good quality and physical looks real compared to money and also SSD solution for making Counterfeit money.

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What we can offer

Documents Arena as the name implies is out to provides services at the door steps of every client with necessary demanding their client to spent time and energy in following up their document to travel. All you need is to place and other and wait for your product to be delivered. Here are some of our services we offer to the public.

  • Express Passport, Semi-Express Passport, Normal Passport.
  • Visa of all type, Resident Permits, Marriage Certificate, Fake Diploma, Proof English proficient and other diploma.
  • Driver's license, SSD solution, Fake quality Real Money.
  • Admission in to the University and Scholarship programs.
  • We also assist our client to have National ID card, Green Card, Birth Certificate and Any legal document as well as illegal documents.
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What Documents Arena

Documents Arena as an agency required from the clients is nothing much than to sticks to the roles of any documents they wish to impact on. The role are listed as follows.

  • Place an order for the product you want and wait for our reesponds.
  • All payment of any document shall be paid maximum of two instalement. which is 80% for the first instalement and 20% for the second Instalement.
  • Any staff of Documents Arena shall not commenced on any document order by the client at anytime without the 80% payment for such document.
  • We shall not be hold responsible for any form of illegal document requested by our client after delivery. It shall be the soul problem of the client in position of such document after delivery.
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Our Service

Our Service are unlimited solutions to all your business needs. Documents Arena is out to assist all citizens of all nations round the world process their documents with an eased. We provide the following online services to our clients, serving them the trace of moving from one place to another in order to process their document.

Documents Arena

We are a well established online document consultancy agent and we work across the continent, so if you are in search of any document search no more your curosity has landed you to the right place. We process and produce all types of documents like passports, drivers license, SSN, Visas, Green cards, IELTS, GMART, transcript, diplomas, degrees, marriage certificates, death certificates, spy equipments,and bank statements.

  • Passport Services
  • Visa And Resident Permit services
  • Certificates, Transcript and Diploma's
  • Driver's license
  • SSD Solution
  • Fake Money
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Features & Overviews

For the past years now, Documents Arena an online traveling documents company has been very optimistic in rendering services to their clients. Our goal is to make sure that we provide the best for our client and we strive for the best while keeping the comany lagacy at top of any traveling consultancy firm. We continue to amaized our client with the latest feature as shown below:

  • Passport Services

    We assist our clients to get the latest biometric passport

  • Visa

    We issue all kind of visa to serve the purpose of which clients requested for.

  • Resident Permit

    We obtain resident permit for our client in any European country or USA with an eased.

  • driver's License

    Training and practical exams are cordinated by Member of Documents Arena under the authority of the Government officials.

  • Mariage and Birth certificate

    Some time it is not easy to obtain Mariage and Birth certificate which is one of the reason we are out to help you get that with eased.

  • Diploma's

    We also provide Diploma for short courses and have been affiliated to some international university to facilitate the scholarship program for the needy

  • SSD Solution

    Most Black bank notes need chemical which clean and regain back the quality of the bank note.


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